Libs Seething Mad As AP Reports Biden Plans to Fly Haitian Illegal Immigrants Back on Planes, Some Imply ‘Racism’

Fox LA reporter Bill Melugin has been reporting at the Del Rio, Texas border for some time now. Many illegal immigrants have been flowing into various ports and it’s not always clear how many of them are being allowed to stay in the United States.

Sheriff Frank Joe Martinez of Val Verde County, Texas reported around 13,700 illegal immigrants, many from Haiti had gathered under a bridge.

It appears that after Melugin’s reporting, Biden may take some action, but we don’t know if all are being sent back or only a percentage.

Nevertheless, AP is reporting that Biden plans on flying five to eight flights a day to send most of them back home. Liberals are seething with anger. Some have asked if it’s because Haitians are Black because many Central Americans have been illegally allowed in the United States by Biden for some time now.

“BREAKING: The Biden administration is planning to send a “massive” number of migrants from the Texas border to Haiti on flights starting Sunday, a U.S. official said. Plans have not been finalized, but officials are considering five to eight flights a day.

Sheriff Frank Joe Martinez of Val Verde County, Texas, estimated the crowd of migrants at 13,700. Haitians have been migrating to the U.S. in large numbers from South America for several years, after a devastating earthquake in 2010.”

The Biden administration reportedly banned reporter Bill Melugin’s drones from observing the scene, so he took a helicopter instead. Now he’s reporting many people are being shuffled away on busses.

Time will tell how this situation develops and this story may be periodically updated from this point.

Here are a few examples of angry liberals who want anyone in the world to be able to come to the United States illegally:

Although AP reports are very likely accurate, we won’t be surprised if the Biden administration backtracks on this…


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