Little Known Former Conservative Congressman Joe Walsh to Challenge Trump in 2020

We’re tired of the lies.
We’re tired of the drama.
We can’t take four more years.

This is the first thing you will read about on the new page, ‘‘. He is a Tea Party conservative running against President Trump. No, he’s not the singer from The Eagles. He is a conservative talk show host, Twitter personality, and served a term as a congressman in Illinois.


The New York Post reports:

“I’m going to run for president,” Walsh told ABC’s “This Week.” ​”​I’m running because he’s unfit, somebody needs to step up and there needs to be an alternative. The country is sick of this guy’s tantrum, he’s a ​child.”

The Trump campaign is not too concerned. As of this morning, the president’s official Twitter page has made no mention of the announcement, and usually, when Trump is threatened, he is not a passive person.

In a CNN video from the 22nd, Walsh talks about considering running as the CNN host appears to egg him on and try to get him to announce his candidacy on his show. Joe Walsh states in the video that he thinks people overanalyze Trump and that he’s not complicated, just a horrible human being. He referred to Donald Trump as “damn unfit” to be president and thinks the Republican party will regret ‘not calling him out’.

He also refers to himself as ‘an ok guy’ in the CNN clip.


Fox News reported:

Walsh, who served one term in Congress, acknowledged that he has very little chance of defeating the president in the primaries, but said he wants to promote a different direction for the Republican Party. Earlier in August, Walsh published a New York Times op-ed about the need for Trump to face a primary challenge. He said the positive response to the piece inspired his decision to run.

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