Livid Liberals Claim they will Boycott Popular Bread Brand Because Top Executive Supports Doug Mastriano in PA, Will it Backfire?

America First stalwart and now GOP nominee for Pennsylvania’s upcoming Governor’s race Doug Mastriano is gaining supporters left and right. It was recently exposed that a top executive at Martin’s Potato Rolls is a huge supporter and donor to Doug.

Jim Martin, the executive chair and former president is apparently a huge Mastriano fan. In 2019, Martin’s Famous Pastry Shoppe hosted a committee hearing chaired by Mastriano while he was a state senator according to this report. It’s amazing that dozens and dozens of companies support BLM, change their profile pic to a rainbow in June, and push other leftwing ideals and nobody blinks an eye.

But one little bread company supports an election integrity stalwart and America First legend Doug Mastriano, and everyone loses their minds! Yes, many liberals are losing their minds according to the report. But many people may not think about the brand at all, who may now support it.

It is becoming conservative culture to eat healthier lately, and be good stewards of their bodies, so bread overall is less likely to be consumed as the diet of a healthy Christian conservative who might be a major supporter of someone like Mastriano.

However, when incorporated into an otherwise healthy diet with lots of lean protein sources and vegetables, bread can be eaten just fine, so many on the right may buy some potato rolls now just for fun. I think I might go grab a bag or two myself, because, why not? On the day of Mastriano’s campaign, the company posted this:

Even though that seems neutral enough, apparently because it’s not a BLM flag or something that’s not good enough and the radical liberals think they can put a company out of business for supporting a candidate who loves America.

Martin has reportedly donated $110,000 to Mastriano’s campaign last year, in addition to his wife and daughter, who Today reports also chipped in. Many didn’t think Mastriano could win as the far left branded him as too extreme or something like that. But after former President Trump endorsed Doug’s potential upgrade from state senator to governor, he skyrocketed and took the primary home.

We won’t post the boycott examples directly but you can read more here if you want to know about the angry liberals who won’t buy potato bread apparently.

Mastriano goes up against Democrat and extreme radical leftist Josh Shapiro in the general Pennsylvania election for governor. This election is on Tuesday, November 8th, 2022.