Man Hops Out of Car to Confront Trump Supporters at Walter Reed

In Bethesda, Maryland, the crowd of Trump supporters gathered in front of the Walter Reed Medical Center continues to grow. Some had even gathered on the median of the road.

A man stopped his car at the median and got out to taunt the Trump supporters, asking who is going to pay for the wall and telling them to inject themselves with bleach. He also called the president a “f*cking liar and a thief.”

Following the confrontation, police decided that protesters should no longer gather on the median and only on the sidewalk.

A woman with an “I Kneel With Kaepernick” and a “Make Racists Scared Again” sign was filmed standing in protest across the street from the hospital.

A caravan to support Trump has been circling past the hospital now and continues to grow according to Brendan Gutenschwager who has been on the scene filming.

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