Man in Gas Mask Alleged to be Culprit in Brooklyn Subway Shooting with Multiple Injuries, Undetonated Devices Found

During rush hour this morning in Brooklyn, New York, multiple people were injured with at least 13 people hospitalized after a shooting at a Brooklyn subway station.

According to police, the incident began around 8:30 a.m., and the New York Fire Department was called to the 26th Subway station in Brooklyn for reports of smoke.

According to witnesses, five to seven people were shot, and a male suspect wearing a gas mask and an orange construction vest fled the scene.

The attack was initiated on a Manhattan-bound N train at the 36th Street station in Brooklyn. A suspect set off a smoke grenade and started shooting on the train.

NYPD and NYFD have both reported that several undetonated devices were recovered.

A witness told NY Post, “There was like, lots of them. I don’t even know how many,” said the woman, who only gave her first name, Claire.

She said she saw the suspect — who was described as a 5-foot-5 man, around 170 pounds and wearing an orange vest and gas mask — drop “some kind of cylinder that sparked at the top.

“I thought he was an MTA worker at first because I was like, I didn’t like pay too much attention, you know, ‘You’ve got the orange on,’ ” she said.

Police are working on identifying the suspect and the NYPD’s bomb squad was on the scene investigating.

ABC News shared an image with some information on Twitter, “Police are searching for a suspect after multiple people were shot on the New York City subway system during Tuesday morning rush hour.”

Graphic content warning: Images of the aftermath that have been shared on social media can be seen below.

Twitter user Alex M. shared, “According to eyewitnesses, shooting in the #NewYork subway could have been arranged by two people. It all happened at Sunset Park Station. Perhaps one of the criminals was dressed in the uniform of a subway employee. Media reports: explosive devices were found on the scene!”

Fox 29 shared a picture of the scene outside the subway station, “BROOKLYN SUBWAY SHOOTING: A massive emergency response and manhunt are underway after a suspect allegedly shot several people inside a subway station in Sunset Park. Authorities also say several unexploded devices were found at the station.”

Fox News shared a video of people leaving the train where the shooting occurred this morning on Facebook.

This story will continue to evolve as the police are still searching for the suspect and investigating the scene.