Man Taken by Cops for Pulling Gun on Antifa Vandals Who Attacked His Truck Was Ultimately not ‘Booked’

Antifa Criminals who vandalized and attacked a man and his truck pulled his gun on the terrorists in an act of self-defense. This comes from a pre-planned event from Antifa which was held on Sunday in Portland Oregon which Andy Ngo covered on Twitter.

Below is some graphic content that shows how Antifa terrorized this man and the police arrested him for defending himself.

“On 28 March, 2021, #antifa gathered in Salem, Ore. in a pre-planned riot. They wore ballistic vests & carried guns, bats, shields & gasmasks. They assaulted drivers on the road by throwing paint & rocks. One vehicle’s windshield was impaled by a tree limb.”

At this event, it was reported that a man and his truck were attacked by Antifa as well as the criminals spraying him with pepper spray. Although we aren’t legal experts it appears that the man then pulled the gun out on Antifa in an act of self-defense.

“Breaking: #Antifa smash up a man’s truck at the Oregon state Capitol in Salem. He pulls out a gun and is arrested by responding police. #AntifaRiots.”

Even though the man appeared to be lawfully defending himself, he was still arrested by the police while he was trying to protect himself. Antifa wanted him to be shot and they were upset that the police didn’t shoot him when they arrived on the scene.

They cried racism and claimed if he was black he would have been shot.

““If he was black, he’d be dead!” #Antifa are upset the police did not kill the man outside the Oregon state Capitol.”

Arresting the man wasn’t enough for Antifa and they even wanted him dead. Why did the police arrest a man who was lawfully defending himself from attackers? The police shouldn’t be attacking the only people they have left supporting them or else they won’t have any more supporters.

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