Marjorie Greene Says Pelosi ‘Has So Much Contempt for Trump That She is Unfit To Serve… Blinded By Hate’

US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi appeared on MSNBC’s The Reidout earlier and tweeted out a clip while slamming the president by saying, “the behavior we have witnessed by the President these past 24 hours shows the contempt he has for the lives & livelihoods of the American people.”

Georgia Congressional Candidate Marjorie Greene shared the tweet and flipped the “contempt” narrative back on Pelosi. Greene has targeted the House Speaker often since her primary night victory.

“I think we should hold you in contempt of office for the shocking disrespect you show the American people. Contempt is the act of despising. Pelosi has so much contempt for Trump that she is unfit to serve bc she is blinded by hate,” Greene said.

Could we have saved all these people? Maybe not. But we could have saved many. And there are scientific measures of how many we could have saved. But let me use one word to describe everything we have learned in the last 24-48 hours. Contempt.

Contempt by the President of the United States for the lives of the American people. Contempt at the president for science that was telling us what we needed to do and continues to tell us what we need to do and he still won’t allocate the sources or approval for what we have in the Heroes Act to do that.

Contempt for his own supporters by having them packed into venues again and again since he even knew it was airborne. Again just contemptible. And then when you hear what he has to say about Saudi Arabia. Contempt for who we are as a nation. Nothing should be surprising to us about this president, but he is contemptible.

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