Marjorie Taylor Greene Draws New Democrat Opponent Who Thinks She Can Win in Deep Red Georgia District

Democrat Holly McCormack is running to unseat U.S. House Rep Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA). It’s unlikely that the immensely popular Greene will go down without a fight, as she is also in a deep-red district.

Many of the people who voted for her love her for her support of former President Donald Trump. While all this has been going on, Greene has been busy battling it out with Democrats and even some Republicans who are angry with her over her controversial nature.

She has also been in a feud with a Rep across the hall from her in Congress over an “Equality Act” that Greene thinks is unfair to biological women. To be fair, many of Greene’s voters support her in this and it is surprising to some that the GOP isn’t backing her more.

Since Greene has drawn so much Democrat ire as of late, her Democrat opponent appears to be looking to get a head start on what will be an uphill battle.

“It’s official! I’m running for Congress against Marjorie Taylor Greene. It’s time to cut through the noise and get back to work.”

As we said earlier, it is unlikely that Greene will lose, despite Democrats succeeding in recently stripping her of her committee assignments. This being the case, if nothing else, Democrats will fundraise off of the amount of media attention she gets. If there is anything the Democrats are good at, it’s fundraising on the back of almost anything.