Lauren Witzke Blasts House GOP for Not Supporting MTG’s Message Enough as She Pushes Back Against ‘Equality’ Act

Former Republican Delaware Senatorial Nominee Lauren Witzke attacked the House GOP as Republican Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene (GA) has been the only vocal critic of the equality bill which would allow transgender people to use the gendered bathroom with which they identify with. Below is Witzke’s tweet.

“Hey @HouseGOP, WHY is Marjorie Taylor Greene the ONLY congressperson vocally fighting the Equality Act? You all are completely WORTHLESS.”

Rep. Greene received much pushback from the House Democrats following her vocal objections to the equality act. There has been little objection to this horrendous bill by the rest of the House GOP.

Even worse, there has been very little defense of Greene for trying to stop this bill. It makes you wonder why the GOP isn’t fighting back on important social issues.

The GOP has a tendency to be spineless on social issues and give ground to the Democrats every 5-10 years. We need fighters like Greene and Witzke in Congress so that we fight back and hold our ground instead of being on the defensive.

In the end, the GOP has to stop giving way to the Democrats. It is certainly discouraging to see Greene being the only one strongly opposing this bill and doing everything she can to stop it even if it means receiving attacks for it.

We will have to see what happens with this bill and whether the GOP changes their current posture on social issues.

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