Mark Finchem: ‘FBI Just United Entire World’ Behind Donald Trump

Arizona GOP Secretary of State nominee and current State Representative Mark Finchem weighed in on the FBI raid of Mar-a-Lago not long after the news was announced by the 45th President Donald Trump.

In a viral tweet, Finchem said that he believes, “The FBI just united the entire world behind President Trump.”

The tweet by Finchem came after he had shared Trump’s statement on the raid in another tweet and declared, “Winning and the leftists hate it… such haters they are!”

Later on, Finchem added in another tweet, “The DOJ didn’t just unite the Republican party, they united all Americans against their tyranny.”

Finchem is endorsed by Trump and recently fended off primary challengers for the seat, including Beau Lane.

The Democratic former Recorder for Maricopa County, Adrian Fontes, is that party’s nominee running against Finchem in November’s general election.

Not long after he tweeted that the FBI united the “entire world behind Trump,” Finchem quote tweeted Fontes, who claimed, “Nobody is above the law.”

“Say that again slowly,” Finchem told Fontes.

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