McEnany Pushes Back on Reporter Who Says Mass Mail-in Voting and Absentee Voting are the ‘Same Thing’

Well, we know that voting and voting fraud claims are a very sensitive topic on social media and we won’t get too far into the reeds here with our opinions. But this exchange with White House Press Secretary and Kayleigh McEnany is very interesting.

In more than one point in today’s White House press briefing, McEnany gave examples of times in the recent past when mail-in voting has caused major issues, to try to showcase President Trump’s feelings towards a mass mail-in voting situation for the presidential election.

Both President Trump and Kayleigh McEnany have tried to highlight that normal absentee voting is ok, whereas mass-mail in voting, is not ok in their opinion. It’s unclear to us if mass-mail in voting would mean no option at all to vote in person, or just an expansion of absentee voting, which is generally reserved for people who can’t vote because they are unable to make it to the ballot box for reasons such as being out of town, or other reasons, to the best of our knowledge.

The reporter going back and forth with Kayleigh today basically just said, regarding the two, that they’re the same thing. We’re not sure which facts he’s using to back up that claim, so we aren’t going to ‘debunk’ him in the sense of a ‘fact-checker’ but simply note the apparent confusion and lack of willingness on his part to acknowledge the differences McEnany tried to point out.

“The consequences are real” McEnany noted in the below video when referring to ‘mass mail-in’ voting. She cited fraud and delay examples despite the reporter continuing to claim the opposite. “1 in 5 mail-in ballots were found to be fraudulent in the election” McEnany cited about a recent ‘Patterson New Jersey’ election incident involving ‘mail-in voting’. She also said there are ample other examples of fraud that she can get to the press if they want. Watch:

Willia Lora pushed back on the “it’s the same thing” notion as well, tweeting:

“That’s stupid, is not the same thing. Ask anybody who votes absentee, the process they have to go through. Is not the same as just mailing you a vote. You have to justify with your personal information and reasoning behind voting absentee, also you have to be alive and not a cat.”

One thing is for sure, this election season will be like no other, and you can expect the news cycles to get more and more revved up as we draw closer to the looming November 3rd day.