Media Finally Caves, Declares Truck Driver Who Campaigned on Less than $200 Winner of the New Jersey Senate Race

After dragging it out for days, and one left-wing outlet being forced to retract their wrong call, Edward Durr is finally declared winner of his NJ State Senate race.

He defeated Steve Sweeney, the Senate President, with just a couple hundred bucks. Although New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy kept his seat, New Jersey politics have been upended.

It seems that U.S. Rep Jeff Van Drew was wise to change to Republican some time ago. He saw the writing on the wall and many more will now too.

“Edward Durr, who campaigned on $153 in New Jersey, defeats Senate President Steve Sweeney – WPVI-TV”

From us:

Earlier we reported that the New Jersey Globe was forced to retract their call in shame. This comes after they prematurely assumed State Senate President Steve Sweeney had won, without waiting for all the votes to come in. To be fair, this race STILL isn’t being called officially.

Democrat Phil Murphy will probably barely keep his Governor’s seat, but this race looks different to us.

We aren’t making a call ourselves as we are not claiming to be election prediction specialists. However, with 99% of the vote tally now in, Edward Durr has around a 1,000 vote lead.

Durr, a Republican truck driver who spent less than $200 on his race is shocked at the proposition he could be a New Jersey state senator.

However, we think he’ll do great as regular working-class folks tend to do better than people who have been politicians all their lives. As of this writing, the race is Durr: 32,134 and Sweeney: 30,125. NBC Philadelphia isn’t “calling” it but says Sweeney “seems set to lose”

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