Meghan McCain Calls Madeleine Albright a ‘Champion for all Women in Politics’ as Marxists Celebrate Her Death

The former co-host of ABC’s “The View” Meghan McCain issued a heartfelt tweet over the death of former Bill Clinton Secretary of State Madeleine Albright.

Albright’s family announced that the first woman Secretary of State died today at the age of 84 from cancer.

“Madeline Albright was a champion of all women in politics. A glass ceiling breaker, one of the strongest voices on the world stage, an American legend,” McCain gushed.

McCain then claimed, “We mourn the passing of great American lives like hers deeply. Prayers to her loved ones and family.”

Marxists, on the other hand, celebrated Albright’s passing, as many accused her of various transgressions against their ideology.

Twitter user “isa” declared in a tweet, “white supremacist and imperialist warmongerer Madeline Albright who defended genocidal US sanctions on Iraq that killed upwards of 500,000 civilians met her demise today. a cause worthy of celebration!

Another Twitter user with the handle “#ACAB” said in a quote tweet of one of his own previous tweets, “The world’s worst people die of old age, safe in their marble mansions, comfortable in their palatial beds, surrounded by loved ones and praised by the media of our day.”

“Madeline Albright was a piece of sh*t. F*ck her. I’m glad she’s dead,” he explained.

Twitter user “Revolutionary Blackout Network” chose to mark Albright’s passing in a tweet where they claimed, “Black, brown and other colonized people rarely get the justice they deserve.”

“Things are going to get worse and worse while the worst people live a life of luxury. The only thing we have is laughing when these evil charlatans die. Rest in p*ss, Madeline Albright,” they added.

It is clear that despite all of the virtue-signaling that may have taken place over the years, there is a deep divide between the moderates and those who are further to the left.

In the end, no matter how hard you try, if you don’t fully capitulate to their demands, there will be no love lost when it comes.