Melania Trump Breaks Silence, Says Barron Also Tested Positive for Covid-19, Both Have Now Tested Negative

President Trump was recently confirmed to have the Coronavirus along with First Lady Melania. Trump has recently tested negative though and is already back on the campaign trail. We haven’t heard much about his tall son Barron until now. Weija Jiang tweeted out that Melania has revealed Barron was also infected but is now in the clear.

This is largely a non-event, but it remains to be seen if different factions of the media try to spin or speculate in one way or another. The bottom line is that all three of them are now negative, and likely immune, although some reports show that it isn’t impossible to get re-infected with the virus.

Regardless, it’s good news that the first family has largely come out of this unscathed. Usually, Jiang has a left-leaning spin to her reporting but in this instance, it doesn’t appear there is much shine she can add to the scoop one way or another unless there is any more to the story to come out. She tweeted recently:

“NEW: @FLOTUS reveals First son Barron Trump also contracted COVID-19, but had no symptoms and has since tested negative. So has she. Mrs. Trump said she chose “a more natural route in terms of medicine, opting more for vitamins and healthy food” to help her recover.”

As the Trump campaign plows forward with weeks to go in a monumental election, it’s important to keep things in context. Both sides will likely try to use things to their advantage, as politicians and campaigns always do, but the facts do matter. In this instance, it seems that Barron is well on his way to being a premier character in public life if he so chooses, and an icon of strength as he has been seen by some.

It remains to be seen if he will choose political involvement or not, but his older brother Donald Jr., as well as Eric, are more likely to stay somewhat involved, in one-way shape, or form. Time will tell if this story stands for what it is or becomes anything more with the development of the news.

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