Mike Lindell Answers ‘Presidents Call’; Changes 200,000 Sq Ft Factory to Make Face Masks

In an article that has now been shared over 35k times, we reported that “MyPillow Announces They Are Manufacturing Face Masks for Hospitals Across the Country.” In a recent tweet, they said they were answering the “presidents call” and shared a picture of their workers hard at work producing the face masks.

MyPillow is proud to answer the Presidents call to action as we are producing much needed face masks to help protect our brave medical workers on the frontlines of this invisible war. It’s time for manufacturers across the USA to help Donald Trump. #KeepAmericaSafe

After a much-delayed release on Fox News, inventor and CEO Mike Lindell finally appeared this morning on America’s Newsroom.

Ed Henry: What led you to this place and how’s it going so far sir?

Lindell: Well what led me about 3-4 weeks ago the President put out these things to have the private sector to get involved and my passion has always been to help people and what a better time? We started then then to work with the administration, they have a coalition, what kind of masks are needed out there and obviously we specialize in cotton and we found out different materials, they didn’t want latex to hospitals. We got the final prototype three days ago, it took us three days to change over a 200,000 sq ft factory into all production for these masks we are making right now about 10,000 a day and I hope to get up to 50,000 a day very fast.

Henry: What’s the goal here? Do you have a number you are thinking of and how quickly can you get those masks to those people who need it?

Lindell: What I’m doing is I’m working with the small, forgotten hospitals on the front line and some big ones that I’m working with. Right now we’re in real-time with the smaller ones and we’re doing the shipping. I’m very good at shipping, that’s what we do at MyPillow. A lot of this has fell in line with what we do. And I’ve also switched over other companies, I want every other manufacturer to see what you can do out there, I have factories in Connecticut, Massachusetts, North Carolina, and Northern Minnesota where they make other products of MyPillow, we’re switching them over too in our time of need.

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