Mike Lindell Donates MyPillows to National Guard Sleeping on Floor in Minnesota

Trump Supporter Mike Lindell is no stranger to lending a helping hand to his fellow Americans. He seems to know that the country that helped him build his successful business is worth in turn paying it forward to. When Many members of the National Guard had to sleep on the floor in the State Capitol in St. Paul, Minnesota, they were laying it all on the line to keep American’s safe.

They didn’t even appear to have pillows on the hard floors they had to sleep on during the riots that arose from the officer-involved death of George Floyd in Minneapolis that set off turmoil around the nation. Lindell has helped before, recently turning his pillow factory into a face mask factory to try to save lives during the height of the COVID-19 crisis when there was a mass shortage of PPE or personal protective equipment.

The riveting images show in the Facebook post below show the selflessness of a true American hero, and really, what America is all about. The pictures posted to Lindell’s public figure page were captioned:

“MyPillow donated MyPillow’s to the National Guard here at the State Capitol in St. Paul, Minnesota where they’ve been sleeping on the floor. Thank you all for protecting MN! We’re praying for Minnesota during this difficult time. #staysafemn” SEE BELOW:

We previously broke the news about Lindell’s heroic effort to mass-produce masks:

With the United States facing a shortage of face masks right now while trying to combat the Coronavirus, MyPillow’s founder Mike Lindell has pledged to step up and help solve the problem. In a tweet released earlier, they announced that they are “now manufacturing face masks for hospitals across the country!”

It’s been tossed around that Lindell may run for Minnesota Governor in 2022. He certainly has the name recognition and the heart to try and unite and bring people together. Time will tell if he decides to make the leap. Meanwhile, let’s all pray for peace.

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