Pelosi Comes Clean After Bible Hypocrisy, “Maybe They Didn’t Have Tear Gas”

“What is this, a banana republic?”, House Speaker and Democrat Nancy Pelosi hypocritically said at the end of an MSBNC clip lamenting the use of non-lethal force to push back rioters away from the White House.

Hypocritically because she is in essence condoning people rioting dangerously close to the White House where the President resides during a time when many feel the nation is in a civil war. It’s tricky to be able to use the force of the U.S. Military against citizens legally, but at the same time is seems many have turned against their own nation under the guise of sorry for George Floyd’s officer-involved death.

The Democrats have been in a tizzy since President Trump took a photo op outside of the White House near the historical and famous Washington D.C. St. John’s Church. They claim that President Trump has rioters pushed back with excessive force for his photo op.

Many patriotic Americans believe all protests should be quelled anyway until the violent rioting and looting can be stopped. It feels to many that culturally and physically the nation is burning and being torn apart. Still, Nancy Peloso wants to play politics but got caught accidentally telling the truth when she said in a video, “maybe they didn’t have tear gas”, as she tried to demonize the President for making a strong showing a couple of nights ago to push back against a narrative that the rioters are winning.

Pelosi even had the audacity to read from a Bible in a speech to blast President Trump for paying respects to a damaged church. The partisanship stinks to high hell. SF Chronicle reported in part:

Responding to President Trump’s displaying of a Bible in front of a fire-damaged church across from the White House, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Tuesday read from her own.

Pelosi labeled as “unfortunate” the events of the day before, when federally commanded law enforcement officers used pepper balls and what authorities described as smoke canisters, but many witnesses called tear gas, to clear protesters from a park in front of the White House so Trump could have an unimpeded walk to nearby St. John’s Episcopal Church.

It was among the milder reactions from Democrats and even the Episcopal bishop of the District of Columbia, who said the president had “used our sacred text as a symbol of division.”

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