Milley Accused of Being a Traitor, Held Secret Pentagon Meeting Ordering Staff Not to Take Orders from then-President Trump

Arizona State Senator Wendy Rogers is accusing General Milley of being a traitor. This comes after information from a Bob Woodward book goes into detail about how Milley may have been undermining the will of former President Trump when in office.

Previously there were reports that U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) knew of steps taken to curb Trump’s ability to manage the nuclear arsenal in his final days of being president.

Now, it appears as though Milley was running the military as if he were in charge, and not President Trump. Rogers called Milley a traitor after sharing a Breaking 911 story. Rogers has previously demanded Milley’s resignation.

“BREAKING: Gen. Mark Milley Held Secret Pentagon Meeting, Told Staff Not To Take Orders From President Donald Trump Regarding Nuclear Weapons: Report”

U.S. House Rep Paul Gosar (R-AZ) opined:

“Correction. Not “a lot closer” but would in fact be coup planning using military versus a civilian riot. The two are not equivalent. Thank you @DrewHolden360 for your good work.”

Drew Holden said:

“For those paying attention at home, this is a lot closer to a coup than anything we saw on January 6th.”

It’s hard to know if there will or can be any accountability if these things are true. It’s unlikely that the Biden administration would take any steps to help Donald Trump. This rings especially true because Biden may very well be running against Trump in 2024.