Michelle Ugenti-Rita Panics After Trump Endorses Her Opponent Mark Finchem, Says Trump Lost Election Fair and Square

As we reported earlier, Arizona State Senator Michelle Ugenti-Rita was booed off the stage at a Turning Point USA event recently. It was alleged by Senator Kelly Townsend and others that Ugenti-Rita had tried to torpedo election integrity bills in Arizona.

Townsend, Rep Mark Finchem, and Senator Wendy Rogers all backed the same election integrity push, but Ugenti-Rita wanted to torpedo bills that she didn’t approve of allegedly. Now we are finding out that Ugenti-Rita is running for Secretary of State in Arizona along with State Rep Mark Finchem.

Finchem got the endorsement that many thought Ugenti-Rita was after when she spoke at TPUSA recently though. Ugenti-Rita is appearing to be furious that Finchem got the Trump nod, and is now further solidfying the lack of trust Trump supporters have for her. She posted the below on Facebook yesterday:

“The Choice is Clear:
President Donald Trump‘s endorsement of Mark Finchem isn’t surprising. Finchem is concerned because the audit he has based his entire candidacy on has been grossly mismanaged and is now a disaster.

In order for Mr. Finchem to resuscitate his struggling singularly focused campaign he has no choice, but to rollout Mr. Trump’s endorsement. In the 2020 election, I received more votes in my district than any other Republican, including President Trump because my strong, reliable conservative record is what voters want.

I support, campaigned and voted for President Trump, he unfortunately lost Arizona and lost Maricopa county. The only person who can beat the Democrat is me. If we want to put a Republican in the Secretary of State’s office, who can restore confidence and integrity in our elections and prevent fraud the choice is clear, I am the only candidate that can win the general election and deliver for the people of Arizona.”

Yesterday we broke the news that Finchem received the highly desirable Trump endorsement as you can read about more here. Ugenti-Rita seems to be in a tailspin now. We will see how that race goes and others in Arizona as election integrity efforts remain integral to those running in 2022 and 2024, especially Republicans who want the suppport of Trump.

We reported in part:

Former President Donald Trump released his endorsement of Mark Finchem for Arizona Secretary of State. Finchem tweeted a response to the former president’s endorsement.

“Thank you, President Trump for your endorsement. You are leading the way on restoring election integrity. I am truly honored to be recognized for the hard work I put in and will continue to do to restore the integrity of our elections.”

Trump’s endorsement reads in part, “It is my great honor to endorse a true warrior, Representative Mark Finchem, of the Great State of Arizona, for the position of Secretary of State. He is a patriot who has fought for our Country right from his earliest moments in government. Mark was willing to say what few others had the courage to say.” The full statement can be seen below in the tweet.

Stay tuned for possible updates to this developing situation.

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