Mississippi Passes Bill To Ban Biological Men From Competing in Women’s Sports Contrary to Biden’s Executive Order

Both the Mississippi House and Senate passed the Mississippi Fairness Act Tuesday which would ban biological males from being allowed to compete against women in sports.

By a vote of 34-9 in the Mississippi Senate and a vote of 81-28 in the Mississippi House, this bill will be delivered and is expected to be signed by the Republican Governor Tate Reeves. He has said he will sign it today. Below is his tweet.

“I will sign our bill to protect young girls from being forced to compete with biological males for athletic opportunities. It’s crazy we have to address it, but the Biden E.O. forced the issue. Adults? That’s on them. But the push for kids to adopt transgenderism is just wrong.”

Governor Reeves will be signing this bill which directly goes against Joe Biden’s executive order signed on his first day in office. He is once again standing up to the Biden administration on lockdowns and now women’s sports.

Republican state Senator Angela Hill commented on the bill saying, “If we do not move to protect female sports from biological males who have an unfair physiological advantage, we will eventually no longer have female sports.”

In the bill, it says, “Athletic teams or sports designated for “females,” “women” or “girls” shall not be open to students of the male sex.” The issue of allowing biological men to compete with women in female sports has been a point of friction between Republicans and Democrats recently.

Democrats see it as an attack against those who are transgender while Republicans see it as trying to protect women and their sports from male competitors who would have a statistical advantage.

It is hard for some to imagine that this is actually a point of disagreement. Many would have never thought we would one day be debating whether biological men should be able to compete in women’s sports.

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