Mo Brook Drops 2024 Teaser With ‘Future President’ Introduction to Former President Trump Mid-Rally

Former President Trump is currently rallying live via RSBN. It is in Cullman, Alabama, and there is a massive crowd.

Earlier we reported on the huge line that was there made up of patriots waiting to see Donald Trump. Some were lined up as early as the 19th, possibly earlier.

In our earlier report, we told you that there might be a 2024 teaser, regarding whether or not Trump will run again. It is looking more and more likely that he will.

Nevertheless, it is not yet official. Although the rally isn’t over, we think U.S. Rep Mo Brooks (R-AL) delivered the anticipated teaser, however, in the clip below.

Brooks is invited on mid-rally to introduce Trump as Mr. President and future President Donald Trump. Make of that what you will.

Watch the video clip below:

Watch full rally on RSBN: