CNN Apparently Furious After Report Shows Over 300 George Floyd Rioters Charged Federally for Maximum Penalties

CNN appears to be unhappy about a report showing more than 300 Black Lives Matter and Antifa-type protestors were charged with federal crimes for rioting.

“The Justice Department targeted more than 300 protesters by charging them with federal crimes for their roles during the civil unrest last summer after the murder of George Floyd, an analysis shows”

CNN reporter Christina Carrega wrote, “The report found that more than 90% of federal cases against Black Lives Matter protesters could have been charged in state court — and that in 88% of those cases, the federal charges carried more severe penalties than similar state charges.”

Following the death of leftist icon George Floyd, far-left protestors took to the streets during the summer of 2020 rioting and looting. Former President Donald launched “Operation Legend” at the time, which was aimed at fighting violent crimes, like ones that were committed during BLM riots.

Though thousands of criminals were arrested due to the operation, the report states, “Operation Legend was stretched beyond its original and unrelated purpose in order to contribute to the federal effort to disrupt the movement.”

Since Black Lives Matter criminals were arrested, CNN appears to be furious however, some would say they celebrate when Trump supporters are arrested for January 6th. Apparently, CNN only wants those on the right to be arrested, not BLM protestors.

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