Mo Brooks Calls Out Anti-White Racism in Covid-19 Bill for Farmers Excluding Certain People

Following the passage of the COVID-19 relief bill by a slim margin with Congressmen voting mostly on party lines, Alabama Congressman Mo Brooks (R) called out the “War on Whites” within the relief bill. Below is his tweet.

“Don’t believe #Socialist #Democrats stoke racial division via “War on Whites” campaign strategy? $2 trillion COVID19 bill pays $5 billion to ALL farmers EXCEPT Whites. WHITES: DON’T APPLY! Hey racists: base compensation on proven injury, NOT skin color!”

Led by Freshman Senator Raphael Warnock (D-GA), a $5 billion provision that will forgive debts for farmers of color was added to the COVID-19 relief bill.

Many like Rep. Brooks see this as blatant racism against white people as only non-white farmers will be getting debt relief. Most farmers will be left out from the COVID-19 relief as most farmers are white and only 2% of farmers are black.

Democrat Senators justified this addition by saying that black farmers have often been discriminated against however this bill is now discriminating against white farmers.

Brooks rightfully called out the racism and there seems to be a growing anti-white bias in this country. Democrats injected a measure that instead of helping out all farmers, only a select few are receiving aid.

Democrats had the opportunity to help farmers but they decided to virtue signal to the left.

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