Mo Brooks and Stephen Miller Hold Event with, ‘An Exciting Announcement’ and Possible Senate Run

Alabama Republican Congressman Mo Brooks hinted again at a possible run for the soon-to-be-open Alabama Senate Seat on Twitter. Mo Brooks tweeted out about the event.

“Please join me and @StephenM for a rally and announcement this Monday night in Huntsville!”

As you can see in the flyer above for the event it says, “Please join Congressman Mo Brooks with special guest Stephen Miller for an exciting announcement.” Stephen Miller was a senior advisor to former President Donald Trump. Miller before joining the White House was communications director for Former Senator Jeff Sessions (AL).

Miller was former Senator Jeff Sessions Communications Director before taking on his role in the Trump White House. Miller, it seems could play a role in Rep. Brooks’s campaign if he does decide to run for Senate. During his time at the White House, Miller pushed hard for immigration reform to slow the flood of immigrants piling into the United States. Miller was also a lead writer of Trump’s first Executive order in January of 2017 which halted immigration for seven Muslim countries.

Right now, there is only one other candidate in the race which is Republican Lynda Blanchard, who was Trump’s ambassador to Slovenia.

With a senior advisor to former President Trump and Rep. Brooks saying there will be a “special announcement” makes it seem almost definite that he will announce his bid for the Alabama Senate seat as current Alabama Senator Richard Shelby has announced he will be retiring once his term expires in 2022. Last month in response to Shelby’s announcement that he will be retiring Brooks said, “I am running for election in 2022, either for my House seat or for the Alabama Senate seat.” This has opened the door to the speculation that Brooks is ready for a Senate run.

Mo Brooks would be the perfect candidate for the Senate seat as he is pro-Trump and has America First policy beliefs. A Trump endorsement would be likely and he would be on a clear and wide path to victory.

Brooks had also recently called out the anti-white racisms in the Covid-19 relief bill. Brooks tweeted, “Don’t believe #Socialist #Democrats stoke racial division via “War on Whites” campaign strategy? $2 trillion COVID19 bill pays $5 billion to ALL farmers EXCEPT Whites. WHITES: DON’T APPLY! Hey racists: base compensation on proven injury, NOT skin color!”

We reported, “Led by Freshman Senator Raphael Warnock (D-GA), a $5 billion provision that will forgive debts for farmers of color was added to the COVID-19 relief bill.

Many like Rep. Brooks see this as blatant racism against white people as only non-white farmers will be getting debt relief. Most farmers will be left out from the COVID-19 relief as most farmers are white and only 2% of farmers are black.

Democrat Senators justified this addition by saying that black farmers have often been discriminated against however this bill is now discriminating against white farmers.

Brooks rightfully called out the racism and there seems to be a growing anti-white bias in this country. Democrats injected a measure that instead of helping out all farmers, only a select few are receiving aid.”

Shelby who holds the seat is known for his establishmentarian positions and he didn’t object to the 2020 election results. Some may speculate he is a Mith McConnell loyalist and part of the D.C. swamp.

We will have to wait and see what the “special announcement” will be.

Stay tuned to Media Right News for more updates.

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