Moderate Virginia Dem Senator Could Hold the Keys to Stopping Governor Northam’s Radical Gun Control Push

This month, the Virginia legislature was turned blue, effectively giving Democrats control of the state. Since the elections this month, a number of bills have been introduced for the 2020 legislative session. The 2020 legislative session starts on January 8th, 2020. In the pre-proposed bills, there is a package of eight gun control legislation bills that Governor of Virginia Ralph Northam (D) says are likely to pass. When asked if he supports confiscating weapons from gun owners if the law banning them passes, Northam replied “That’s something I’m working [on] with our secretary of public safety. I’ll work with the gun violence activists, and we’ll work [on] that. I don’t have a definitive plan today” 

Ralph Northam became infamous for pictures in his College yearbook where he admitted to and then later denied being one of two people dressed in blackface and KKK garb. Since that incident where he was almost forced to resign as Governor, he has doubled efforts to appease the more radical left base in order to regain his good graces with the Democrat party of Virginia.

Lynwood Lewis, the 6th Senatorial District State Representative from Virginia’s Eastern Shore, (Accomack and Northampton County) where Governor Northam grew up, declared “I am unaware of any plan to confiscate firearms from anybody and I certainly would not support that.” in a Facebook message to a constituent which can be seen a couple paragraphs below.

It seems by the wording that Lewis himself was the person to send the message as it states that his “aide who monitors social media is spending time with her fiance’s family in SW VA”. He stated that he has “unplugged to spend some time with mine” (family) but “happened upon the question and thought I’d respond”. This was, coincidentally shortly after a post was made about this very topic prompting constituents to contact Senator Lewis on the “Accomack Northampton County Republican Units” Facebook page.

Currently, the breakdown by party in the Virginia State Senate is 21 seats held by Democrats and 19 held by Republicans. Any loss of party vote by the Democrats could jeopardize the passing of the proposed bills. Lewis also appears to highlight that his focus would not be on many of the radical gun control ideas, but more along the lines of increased background checks that he claims have been ‘bi-partisan’ policies in other states. *Updated 2:40 PM* In the event of a tie in the Virginia state senate, the Democratic Lieutenant Governor, Justin Fairfax, could possibly break a tie by voting in favor of proposed gun control legislation. This means that if all the Senate Republicans vote against a particular bill, they would likely need at least two Moderate Democrats to break ranks.


Lynwood Lewis is the State Senator for Virginia for District 6 which encompasses Accomack, Northampton, and Mathews County as well as parts of Norfolk and Virginia Beach. Both Northam and Lewis were born in Nassawadox VA and grew up in Accomack county. Lynwood Lewis has a law firm in Accomac VA and has been practicing law since 1988.

Gun control issues in Virginia became highlighted after a shooting in Virginia Beach on May 31st of this year. The shooting happened in a municipal building in which 12 people were killed. The gunman was a disgruntled employee who used two .45 caliber handguns to carry out the attack.

A special session was held at the request of Governor in July however no vote was held due to the then-Majority Republican status. Presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg used his organization Everytown for Gun Safety to add 2.5 Million to Democrat campaigns in the state helping turn Virginia Blue. Bloomberg came to Norfolk, VA this month to make his official announcement about running for president.

Much is at stake for gun owners with the new proposed bills that include banning (and redefining) ‘assault weapons’, silencers, and high-capacity magazines as well as making tactical training Illegal, in a very cloudy bill that could criminalize many normal and common gun training activities depending on how it’s interpreted. If controversial politicians such as Northam get their way, Virginians could lose out on many their 2nd Amendment rights that they have enjoyed in the historically gun-friendly state. These proposed bills have moved many across the state to push their counties to adopt ‘second amendment sanctuary’ resolutions in an effort to preemptively protect themselves.

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