Monica Lewinsky Furiously Bloviates After Apparent Anti-Free Speech Twitter Poll of her Own Backfires Embarrassingly

Infamous intern Monica Lewinsky thought she could use Twitter to make a point against the way Elon Musk has been running Twitter.

Lewinsky posted a poll asking, “really important decisions for this platform should be made by…” the two options were “employees of twitter” and “public poll on this site”. The public poll option won with over 89% of the 162k votes.

Lewinsky, who claims she has never been ratioed before shares it must be new algorithms that caused this to happen to her. She also shared images of two of her tweets, one from before the poll that shows she had way more likes than comments and then an image of the poll that shows she had been ratioed.

“here’s the bummer of the new algorithms unleashed (or at least seemingly new) never before have i had 2x the comments vs likes. (and most of these comments are negative… )”

Lewinsky is having a hard to grasping that her poll caused her to be ratioed. She tried to place the blame on Twitter’s new algorithms. Maybe she will just block those with negative comments on her poll.

Lewinsky had some criticism for Elon Musk’s handling of the verified blue check Twitter accounts that he announced he was pausing for now.

Lewinsky asked, “here’s what i don’t get… if there are 10 people with the same name (all blue check) and one is a public figure (for whom others’ words being confused for their own is trouble… ie press story etc.) how will you be able to know who the public person is from this new verification?”

Maybe she is unaware that if you click on the blue check by someone’s name it explains if they are just a pay customer or if they have some sort of notoriety as well.

Musk paused the verified accounts after many imposter accounts were causing havoc on Twitter, he is working on making them more secure, however, if you got your account verified before the pause you are good to go it appears.

Musk’s take over of Twitter has many on the left uncomfortable with the new setup and they aren’t shy about sharing their displeasure, making some entertainment for others.


  1. I guess Lewinski can’t get her head around how the elimination of bots and trolls dropped all her fake likes and now she is having to deal with comments from real people (verses cyber-ghost fans) who think outside the echo-chamber box. Oh the horrors!

    1. Why does anyone care about what clinton’s whore thinks?

    2. Monica usually has no problem getting her head around things. This must be the exception.

    3. I love how she never learned from her experience with Clinton that the Left are all users and don’t give a clap about her.

    4. Puzzling considering what she is known for having her head around

    5. But we all know what she can get her head around! What I don’t understand is why she thinks anyone would take anything she says seriously? She’s not a serious person. Now, if I wanted an opinion on cigars…

  2. Most of us do not take advice from someone notable only because she smoke Bill’s cigar.

  3. Testament to the fact that way too many people have too high of an opinion of themself, way too much time on their hands, and elevate social media higher than God.

    All signs of a very screwed up world.

  4. Why should we pay any attention to a woman whose sole claim to fame is teaming up with a serial rapist resulting in a new nickname for a sexual act?

  5. Good thing Monica can type with her mouth full.

  6. Really, do you blow your President with that mouth?

    Oh, yeah…

  7. Based on her life decisions, one would expect her to;
    be stupid, double-down on stupid, then triple-down on stupid.

  8. Blue checks, and stained blue dresses are really quite different.

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