‘Motivational Speaker’ Mocks Shot Cops Fighting for Their Lives, Supports Rioters Outside of Their Hospital

Melony Hill, who’s Facebook page claims she is an author and motivational speaker from the “Crazy Like A Fox Tour”, which focuses on black women’s mental health, has taken to Facebook to Mock the shooting of two police officers that happened last night. See the screenshot of her public Facebook image below.

Two officers were shot in their vehicle last night as a man who appeared to just be walking by their car quickly turned and fired shots into the vehicle. The officers were taken to a hospital to be treated for their wounds. A group of people who were unofficially linked to BLM, according to Daily Mail, blocked the entrances to the hospital chanting “I hope they f**king die”.

Hill took to Facebook to troll the WBAL-TV 11 Baltimore article about the incident along with many others who were echoing the same rhetoric. They were mocking the police officers who are fighting for their lives comparing them to George Floyd and others that have died in what they view as ‘police brutality’.

In the screenshots below Hill hypothesis the cops ‘could have robbed him [the shooter] then jumped in the car to get away.’ She suggests the cops were loitering or maybe they made the shooter fear for his life.

In the next screenshot, Hill states the shooter was only exercising his ‘constitutional right to bear arms’ and those who were blocking the entrance to the hospital their ‘constitutional right to freedom of speech and assembly’.

Hill also calls police thugs and a gang in the screenshot below.

In response to another person’s comment Hill post a picture of herself on a yacht with the caption “Last night I was out on the yacht. No poverty in sight”.

Candace Owens also weighed in on Twitter not mincing words and calling out BLM, media, athletes, and entertainers. “Why else does this happen? Because when pea-brained athletes put the name of an alleged RAPIST on their helmets and jerseys, criminals begin believing they are acting as heroes. BLACK LIVES MATTER AND THE COMPLICIT MEDIA ORGANIZATIONS, ATHLETES, AND ENTERTAINERS ARE TO BLAME.”

Hill portrays herself as someone interested in mental health however her petty actions speak loudly to the opposite. This disgusting plague that has gone on for months only seems to embolden those on the fringes to take such horrible actions as to shoot police in their cars or put bleach in their milkshakes seems to not have any end in sight.