MTG Hopes George W. Bush Was Referring to the Antifa and BLM ‘Domestic Terrorism’ in 9/11 Speech

We reported earlier that former President George W. Bush gave a speech today at a memorial for Flight 93 on 9/11/2001 in Pennsylvania.

In it, he compared the 9/11 terrorists to “domestic terrorists” in the United States and later, he mentioned destroying national symbols, which may sound to many like he was talking about Antifa or Black Lives Matter.

U.S. House Rep Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) hoped that was the case as she shared a news report on the speech from Disclose.TV in a quote tweet.

Greene wondered, “Was George Bush referring to the domestic terrorism organized through Antifa and BLM riots all over our country?”

“I certainly hope so,” Greene added and shared a “Tucker Carlson Tonight” compilation video of havoc and destruction wrought by the groups that she mentioned.

As we noted earlier, most people on both sides of the aisle reacting to it on Twitter today seem to think he is talking about January 6th rioters or angry Trump supporters.

Many also feel that Bush’s pro-war stance from twenty years ago didn’t help fix things and arguably led to many more issues.

Other conservatives weighed in on Bush’s words, including Tim Young who made a profound statement that is sure to resonate any conservative who couldn’t vote until after perhaps the 1992 election with Ross Perot.

“The more I hear from George W Bush, the more I realize there was never really a choice in presidential elections in my lifetime until 2016,” Young lamented.

Others weighed in: