Republican Voters Arrive at Polls and Informed they Already Voted in California Recall Election

The California Recall election has some “wonky” things going on. KTLA Channel five reported that some who show up to vote are being informed they have already voted. Twitter user @EricSpracklen posted the video to Twitter with the caption, “What the hell is going on in Califonia? Voter fraud.”

The reporter starts off the segment with the question, “What is going on ?”. He states that they’ve talked to many concerned voters in the West San Fernando Valley, a valley just north of the Los Angeles basin. The report pinpoints a charter high school, El Camino Real in Woodland Hills, CA. It was opened as an early voting location for the recall. Several people they spoke with told them when they showed up to vote the computers showed they had already voted in the special election.

One of the people they spoke with was, 88-year-old Estell Bender. Ms. Bender was informed that the system showed she had already cast her vote. She told the reporter that the gentleman next to her was being told the same thing as well as two younger women she spoke to at the polling station. Estell pointed out to the reporter one thing that they all had in common was they were all Republicans.

From the report, it appears that the poll workers couldn’t or wouldn’t answer the questions about how and for who Ms. Bender had voted for or how she had voted. Instead, she was offered a provisional ballot to cast her vote and told that it would be counted once the eligibility of the voter is verified.

Provisional Ballot

The Los Angeles County Registrar’s office issued a statement to KTLA on the matter.

“The voters who experienced this issue were offered and provided a provisional ballot – the failsafe option to ensure no one is turned away from voting. Provisional ballots are regular ballots and once the eligibility of the voter is verified, they are processed and counted. After troubleshooting the issue, the equipment at the locations was replaced and voting continued.”

Los Angeles County Registrar Statement

The report just opens a basket of questions that aren’t being answered which only adds to people’s suspicions and concerns. Estell did not seem to get any answers from the polling station and only left more suspicious of what is going on with this special election. She noted in the report that friends of hers were having the same issues at the VFW as well.

After the way in which the 2020 election was held many people became very skeptical of the integrity of our elections Many states moved to enact voting legislation that would make it harder to cheat and easier to vote. The U.S. House introduced a bill (HB1) to try to federalized election regulations as well as many other things. Texas Democrats tried unsuccessfully to stop Texas voter legislation which was passed late in August.

September 14 is the last day in the recall election and we should know very soon if it was a successful recall or if Newsome will stay in power.