MTG Says That She Finished Reading AOC’s ’14 Page Communist Manifesto,’ Looking Forward to Debate

We reported yesterday that U.S. House Rep Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) ran into U.S. House Rep Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) and that Greene claimed that Ocasio-Cortez had agreed to debate if Greene read the 14 page Green New Deal bill.

This morning, Greene announced that she had finished reading Ocasio-Cortez’ “14 page communist manifesto” and was “looking forward to debating” her.

Later, Greene offered up a “fact about ‘Earth Day.”

Greene shared an article that the co-founder of the day which highlights the need to “protect the environment,” Ira Einhorn, killed and composted his girlfriend inside of a trunk in 1977.

Greene then shared a four-part tweet where she outlined some of her criticisms of Ocasio-Cortez’ Green New Deal.

“Communist China has been lying, cheating, and stealing from the US for decades mainly because our politicians are stupid and sell us out every time,” Greene began.

Invoking the president, Greene said, “Now @JoeBiden and the Dems are forcing America into slavery to China with @AOC’s Green New Deal.”

“Because China is not going to stick to their promise of reducing emissions to net zero. They always lie. China wants world domination,” Greene explained.

As Politico recently pointed out, “The U.S. now trails its economic rival in manufacturing batteries that will drive a coming wave of electric vehicles and make solar and wind more reliable, and the advantage is triggering comparisons to the Middle East’s ability to dominate oil markets decades ago.”

Greene seized on that fact and said, “China controls the battery market and most of the rare Earth mineral rights to make batteries for EV’s,”

“If America, goes to all EV’s and relies on all battery operated vehicles then we will be completely reliant on China. While China grows into a world economic powerhouse through oil, natural gas, and coal,” Greene continued.

Greene concluded, “President Trump made America GREAT by setting policy that made us energy independent and strong. @AOC, @JoeBiden, and the Dems are making America weak and reliant on Communist China. That’s why I’m fighting everyday for #AmericaFirst. And the American people.”