Murkowski Caves, Decides to Confirm Amy Coney Barrett After Trump Gave Her Hardly any Attention

President Trump hasn’t seemed too worried about GOP Senators Susan Collins (ME) and Lisa Murkowski (AK) voting for Judge Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has gone on record saying he has enough votes to get Barrett into the Senate.

Murkowski and Collins like to hang their votes on critical issues like this to try to appear bi-partisan and often end up getting much more air time than if they had just toed the line, or even stuck to their no, as much as they flip-flop.

Well, Murkowski has flip-flopped again, now saying she is going to vote for Barrett after all, despite her previous statement that she thought it wasn’t appropriate to nominate her before a major presidential election.

Now, NBC News is reporting that she has once again shocked the Dems by deciding to go with Barrett’s nomination after all. They reported in part:

Murkowski had initially said that she opposed voting on a nominee before the November election. Her vote in favor of Barrett all but ends any long shot hopes Democrats had of convincing some moderate and vulnerable Republicans to side against Barrett’s confirmation.

“I believe that the only way to put us back on the path of appropriate consideration of judicial nominees is to evaluate Judge Barrett as we would want to be judged: on the merits of her qualifications,” Murkowski said on the Senate floor Saturday afternoon.

“And we do that when that final question comes before us. And when it does, I will be a yes,” she said.

It seems like Chuck Schumer has now run out of tricks and Barrett’s nomination to the SCOTUS next week is all in the bag much to Democrat’s dismay.

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