Nadler Accuses Lewandowski of Aiding Trump’s ‘Obstruction’

Today former Trump campaign manager and potential U.S. Senate candidate Corey Lewandowski (R) was subpoenaed to answer questions at the first Donald Trump impeachment investigation by the House Judiciary Committee.  Lewandowski sat down in front of the House Judiciary Committee that U.S. Rep. Nadler (D) Heads. Nadler has been pushing forward on Impeachment even after the flop of the Mueller Trump-Russia collusion investigation.

Lewandowski was cross-examined by both Republicans and Democrats throughout the day. One of the most noteworthy moments of the hearing was when Nadler lost his temper with Lewandowski due to his consistent nonchalant attitude, shortly after Eric Swalwell finished up with a heated clash between himself and Lewandowski. According to Fox 42 KPTM:

More than two hours into the hearing, Chairman Jerrold Nadler, D-N.Y, warned Lewandowski that by refusing to answer questions he was “obstructing the work” of the Judiciary Committee and “aiding” the president in obstructing Congress’ oversight function.

At one point Nadler accuses Corey of obstruction:

“[Mr. Lewandowski] is violating the law by refusing to answer these questions. The president is violating the law by instructing him and others not to answer these questions,” Nadler asserted. “And Article 3 of the Nixon impeachment was based on this kind of obstruction of Congress by President [Richard] Nixon.”