Nancy Pelosi Secures $25 Million for Kennedy Center in Final Coronavirus Bill

In the final version of the bipartisan Coronavirus relief bill, the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts was able to secure $25 million dollars, down from the $35 million that was apparently requested by Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats.

According to the legislation, the money goes to “deep cleaning, increased teleworking capabilities, and operating and administrative expenses to ensure the Center will resume normal operations immediately upon reopening.”

The reaction on Twitter was swift and in some cases hilariously morbid. User Carlos remarked how a victim of the disease might say with their last breath, “thank god that the kennedy center was saved.”

Todd Starnes was one of the first to call out the provision in the original bill, saying, “Democrats believe #coronavirus can be cured by providing $35 million in funding to the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts.”

Democrats had accused the Republicans of asking for a slush fund with their inclusion of money to the Exchange Stabilization Fund, but that money would be paid back eventually. Twitter user Mike, summed this up best as a “Nancy Pelosi slush fund= money laundering.”

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