Nancy Pelosi’s Home Apparently Vandalized by Fellow Leftists With Pigs Heads, Fake Blood, and Spray Paint

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) was the victim of a politically radicalized crime last night as her house was vandalized. Messages such as, “we want everything” were spray-painted on the garage door. Below you can see the tweet with a picture of the vandalization.

As you can see in the image above, her house was spraypainted with multiple messages and images including “Cancel Rent” and “UBI!”, which stands for universal basic income. The phrase “2K” was crossed out, as the House just passed a bill which would increase the payments to each eligible American from $600 to $2,000.

It was also reported that police responded to a call last night at 3 A.M. local time. It is unknown at this time if there are any suspects but we have been told a police report was taken.

This seems that it could have been done by a far-left radical. Most of what was demanded on the garage door were talking points of progressives Andrew Yang and Bernie Sanders. The phrase “Cancel Rent” has also been associated with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) and Ilhan Omar (D-MN).

Many Americans do feel as though Congress is leaving them in the dust while they fund foreign nations and give Americans $600. We don’t support any criminal activity, but one can understand the outrage many are feeling right now as families and business owners are suffering.


It appears the graffiti is being covered up with large black plastic trash bags. Maggie VanderBerghe retweeted John Dennis, Chairman of the San Francisco Republican Party. “Lunatics leave pigs head & graffiti at Nancy Pelosi’s house. Appalling. @FogCityMidge is right. News is ignoring. I took this picture just 5 minutes ago. They are literally covering it up. Dems like Pelosi will learn sooner or later: you cannot appease the violent”.

Some began to question if the house in the picture was actually Pelosi’s. In response to a tweet from @PhillipsJohnJ who stated, “No chance this is Pelosi’s house.” Maggie VanderBerghe responded, “Look it up. It’s her San Francisco residence. It’s been vandalized before.”

@PhillipsJohnJ retorts, “thought she lived in area gate and protected area”. To which Maggie VanderBerghe replied, “She has a gated property at her other residence in Napa. But this is her SF address. Here’s a video from a protest there.”

@CryingLaughing1 declared, “no chase she actually lives there”. VandenBerghe affirmed this with, “Course not. It’s her “residence” so she can run in that district. She “lives” at her home in DC or in Napa when she’s in California.”

@Michaelstrm23 asked, “is there an article I can link, where the photo come from?” VandenBerghe claims the photo as her own with, “It’s my photo. The media finally writing it up.”

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