Nationally Known Journalist Patrick Howley Removed from CPAC for Protesting Red Flag Gun Laws

National File reporter Patrick Howley was removed from the conference for calling out “No Red Flag laws”, yesterday during Chief Executive and Executive Vice President of the NRA Wayne LaPierre’s speech at CPAC. Howley is well known for his piece that exposed Virginia Governor Ralph Northam’s “blackface/KKK” medical school yearbook pictures during his time with Big League Politics, which was published in February of 2019. As Howley proclaims in a tweet, the convention ran a video montage on the article at last year’s gathering. See Howley’s tweet below:

In a tweet video below by Phillip Nieto, you can see Patrick being removed from the press box during Wayne LaPierre’s speech for shouting “No Red Flag laws.” Ironically, the crowd chanted “USA”, and it’s tough to say for sure if they knew the context of what exactly was happening.

Howley was walked out of the conference, effectively being kicked out of CPAC. In the tweet below from Fiona Moodie, you can see it go down. As he is escorted out, Howley continues to talk about the NRA’s support of Red Flag laws, calling them dishonest and talking about veterans being disarmed and having their guns potentially taken away from them due to the policy. A spectator then shouts asking him why he doesn’t talk about planned parenthood, to which Howley replies in agreement to what the spectator says.

Howley has taken to Twitter to make sure that his challenge to the NRA about their stance on Red Flag laws that got him removed doesn’t dissolve. In one of his tweets, Patrick breaks down what happened. “Red Flag Laws are Disarming America’s [America’s] veterans, and the NRA under Wayne LaPierre supports these laws. Red Flag Laws = Gun Confiscation. Too bad CPAC wouldn’t allow me to simply challenge a speaker, as someone who has been going to this event for years”

In 2018, the NRA made a dramatic shift and started to voice support of Red Flag laws, as reported by USA Today. Up until then, they had fought legislation against the Red Flag Laws. Later on an “NRATV video” the NRA’s “top lobbyist said Congress should provide funding for states to adopt “risk protection orders.” the article states. The NRA also put out a list of conditions with their support of Red Flag laws aka “risk protection orders.” Criminal penalties for those who bring “false or frivolous” charges, A determination by a judge, by “clear and convincing evidence,” that the person poses a significant risk of danger, a requirement that a judge determine whether the person meets the standard for involuntary commitment, if the order is granted, the individual should receive community-based mental health treatment.

Howley wasn’t the only one to be removed. Conservative commentator Owen Shroyer was also escorted out of CPAC on its final day. Shroyer states, in the video tweet below, he was told he couldn’t live stream, so he quit live streaming. He was then told he had to be at radio row, so he left the booths and went to radio row. while he was on radio row he was then told he needed to leave the conference. In the video, you can see a woman in black directing him out of the building.

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