New Poll Spells Doom for Biden/Harris Regime After Virginia Election Disaster for Dems With Biden’s 38% Approval Rating

A USA TODAY/Suffolk University Poll shows Biden’s approval rating with the American people is actually below 38%. This is horrible for a president who has not even been elected that long, and who has mid-term elections coming up that could spell doom for the Democrat party.

This isn’t even to mention the 2024 presidential race as it is a little too early to speculate yet on how polls will look and who is running. That being said, there is a strong chance Donald Trump will become the Republican nominee if nothing major happens between now and then.

1000 registered voters were surveyed between Wednesday and Friday of last week. Biden advocates are hoping that the passage of the so-called “infrastructure bill” that 13 Republicans defected from the GOP to vote for will help his flailing support.

If the recent Virginia and New Jersey Republican surprises are any indicators though, it will be a tough hill for Biden, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and Senate Leader Chuck Schumer, all Democrats, to climb. The left is beginning to see the writing on the wall but I don’t think they actually know what to do about it yet.

Even Democrat Tulsi Gabbard, former U.S. House Rep from Hawaii has said that the Democrat party has gone too far left with open borders, forced mandates, cancel culture, censorship, and cultural divisions. Meanwhile, U.S. Rep Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) thinks the Democrats lost Virginia because they didn’t go far left enough.

Let’s hope the Democrats keep trying that strategy and we’ll see how it works out for them indeed. Meanwhile, Kamala Harris herself is suffering even lower approval ratings, at less than 30% as we separately covered on if you’d like to read more below:

Stay tuned for more updates on how badly the Biden/Harris regime is failing the people of the United States in our opinion.


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