Tulsi Gabbard Finally Realizes Open-Borders Are Bad, Tells Dems to Get Wise Quick

Tulsi Gabbard shared a message for her ‘fellow Dems’ this morning. In it, she acknowledges needing to end the current open-border policy which is publicly denied by the Biden administration but actions seemingly speak louder than words.

Gabbard said, “My fellow Dems: if you want people to vote for you, stop calling millions of Americans dogs—only dogs respond to “dog whistles”. Stop trying to divide us by the color of our skin. End your open-border policy. Treat us all with the respect we deserve as Americans & God’s children.”

Currently, there is a hoard of migrants traveling through southern Mexico to reach the United States. It is being reported that this mob hasn’t been traveling through Mexico peacefully. A few dozen men from the caravan started pelting Mexican guard officers on trucks with rocks. This attack caused two of the officers to fall from the trucks.

According to Arkansas Democrat-Gazette,Video footage showed one of the guardsmen unconscious, with some migrants trying to help him while another threw a punch at him.”

With a dramatic increase in the number of counted border crossings since Biden took office, and the numerous hoards of people camping out near the bord such as the in September thousands of Haitians camped out under a bridge in Del Rio Texas after crossing the border illegally. The Haitians were processed, and while some were sent back to Haiti many were released into the United States, with notices to appear at an immigration office within 60 days.

Even former President Obama called for immigration reform in September stating open borders “unsustainable”.

With so many flooding across the border, it’s hard to deny what is really going on. However, the Biden administration is constantly affirming the borders aren’t open, at least with words.

Former President Trump took a hard-line stance on immigration and was able to bring down immigration numbers quite a bit. He was also successful in getting much of a southern border wall constructed before he left office. That project was brought to an abrupt stop as soon as Biden took office, and the number of illegal border crossings started to rise.

Tulsi is one of many American’s waking up to what is going on. Will those in congress take action to do anything to close our borders, finish the wall, or send a message that the United States southern border is not a free for all?

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