Newburg, Oregon School Board Has Had Enough, Implements Ban on BLM Flag and LGBTQ Flag on Premises

The August 10th, 2021 Newburg, Oregon school board meeting can be seen here on YouTube. Essentially, they have decided to ban broadly “political” signs, clothing, and other items. But what is interesting to note is that they specifically banned the flag often used by the rioting and looting group Black Lives Matter, as well as the rainbow flag that represents the LGBTQ+ movement.

We are assuming they will still be flying the American flag. This goes without saying as all government organizations in the United States should be flying the American flag. The American flag simply represents the nation we live in, and should not be seen as political, although, unfortunately, many like Black Lives Matter do see the American flag as political. In fact, we recently reported that BLM types in New York burned the American flag along with a photo of Tucker Carlson.

So the point here is that although what the Newburg, Oregon school board did seems reasonable to us, as in banning political, polarizing things, many may be offended by this move, and it will be interesting to see how it plays out indeed. According to a report here:

The school board voted Tuesday, four to three, to enact the ban, Oregon Public Broadcasting reported. The board’s three-member policy committee is set to outline what constitutes “political.”

The action goes against recent state efforts to highlight support for students, including the Oregon Department of Education’s Black Lives Matter October 2020 resolution and recent efforts to help LGBTQ+ students.

Supporters of the flags said they made students feel seen and help students who are being bullied, while supporters of the ban said the signs were “divisive,” and that signs don’t make people feel safe.

Discussion and votes on drafting “replacement language” on the district’s new anti-racism policy and rescinding the district’s “Every Student Belongs” policy, was moved to the district’s next board meeting. If the board votes to roll back “Every Student Belongs,” the district would be in violation of state standards.

This county is not far from Portland, Oregon, which is a liberal city infamous for Antifa and Black Lives Matter rioting and looting that often happens for little reason at all. Mayor Ted Wheeler (D) had to move out of his uptown condo because, despite his weak inability to stop the rioters and anti-Trump sentiments in 2020 and before, still wasn’t left-wing enough for the activist groups.

So we hope none of that comes to the Oregon county that appears to have had enough left-wing radicalism in their schools.

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