Arizona State Senator-Elect Wendy Rogers Demands Recount After Georgia’s Decision

Despite most major media outlets declaring Joe Biden as president-elect based on their projections, the Trump administration is still pushing for fraud investigations and recounts and has not conceded the presidency.

Wendy Rogers was one of the Republicans who won on November third, an America First Republican who is headed to the Arizona State Senate. Rogers is calling for a recount in Arizona as soon as it is finished in light of the recount in Georgia. Breitbart just reported that Biden’s lead is getting even smaller as the count draws to a close, with less than 13,000 votes more than Donald Trump as of their report.

“We need a hand recount in Arizona due to suspected rampant voting machine fraud.” Says Wendy, a staunch supporter of President Trump’s. See tweet:

Media Right News received an official statement from Wendy Rogers:

“I find it hard to believe we are winning state house and state senate seats, yet President Trump did not win statewide. Parts of our state use the same voting machines and voting software that are rife with problems in other states. It can’t hurt to recount to get an accurate number to ease everyone’s mind.”

Wendy Rogers

Wendy Rogers sees a red wave and appears to think some things may not be adding up. She won by a lot compared to the performance of the district for Republicans in the previous elections. She won decisively by over 11,500 votes and nearly 10% in a swing district targeted by the Democrats with heavy spending.

Georgia Governor Brian Kemp loudly proclaimed recently that only legal votes would be counted. Arizona’s Governor Doug Ducey has called for patience and all legal votes to be counted. As we previously reported:

Meanwhile, Georgia’s Republican Governor hasn’t been that involved other than firing off a couple of tweets since election day, but this may change. Kemp just tweeted a bold statement, saying:

“Georgia’s election result will include legally cast ballots – and ONLY legally cast ballots. Period.”

Jenny Beth Martin tweeted:


The Georgia Secretary of State just announced Georgia is headed to a full manual recount, audit, and recanvas statewide.”

Joe Lockhart, the same political hack who claimed Steve Scully was hacked even though Scully later admitted he was not hacked after Tweeting about responding to Trump attacks to Anthony Scaramucci, says that the Georgia recount is nothing to worry about for Democrats. Of course, you can take Lockhart’s opinion with a grain of salt after his credibility was self-squandered in our view.

Nothing to see here! Is the basic sense one might get from reading this:

“The recount in Georgia is totally normal given the margin of the state race. Recounts rarely move numbers though by more than a few hundred votes. Regardless, this has no impact on the Presidential race as Biden has won with or without Georgia. Don’t make this a thing.”

Even the major outlets are picking up the Georgia news:

Conservative pundits opine:

Time will tell what happens in Arizona after Wendy Rogers’ bold call and how Georgia will pan out. Meanwhile Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are still being reported as President-elect and Vice President-elect by most major outlets, but it’s unlikely President Trump is considering conceding yet, as this and many other wheels appear to be in motion.

The administration wants to let everything play out and see if there are options before throwing in the towel.

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