Nikki Haley Laments ‘Socialism and Woke Culture’ But She Tried to Cancel Confederate History and Won’t Fight Wasteful Foreign Aid

Former South Carolina Governor and UN Ambassador Nikki Haley seems to be tone-deaf to her own hypocrisy and is a threat to this country in our view. The RINO neoconservative has been mostly silent on alleged election fraud while President Trump is fighting for his life against the Democrat Party and the GOP establishment. Meanwhile, she highlights “socialism” as a major threat to this country while Americans are being put last by Congress.

Socialism didn’t seem to be too popular this year as Liberal Joe Biden got the nomination and beat Socialist Bernie Sanders in the 2020 Democratic primaries by a secure margin. While Americans are suffering from the COVID-19 lockdowns and their businesses are being destroyed we give money and lobby for other countries.

President Trump is still not conceding on the 2020 race but Haley is nowhere to be found while she appears to planning her potential presidential run come 2024.

It is hard to see her getting the nomination in our view as the party is moving towards ‘Trumpism’ and not Reaganism as former Senate Candidate for Delaware Lauren Witzke (R-DE) pointed out on Twitter.

“Republicans in Congress refusing to give $2k in direct stimulus to struggling Americans disproves the theory that Trump has transformed the @GOP into an economicly populist party. They are still the neoliberal Reaganomics party, and it’s failing.”

The Republican Party changed dramatically following President Trump receiving the nomination in 2016 as it left behind the Bush family and followed in the footsteps of Pat Buchanan. The GOP picked paleoconservative instead of neoconservatism which is the ideology Nikki Haley and other establishment opportunists represent.

Hayley won’t stand up for our history, heritage, and monuments but has no problem selling out our country to foreign nations via endless wars and foreign aid. Socialism isn’t the biggest threat this country is facing, the biggest threat is establishment figures like her gaining power inside the GOP.

Haley helped to cancel the Confederate flag in South Carolina, stood up for Bubba Wallace before the ‘noose’ investigation was even done, while she hypocritically rails against cancel culture on Twitter recently.

A few conservative figures out there today are truly America First. Many others, like Turning Point USA’s Charlie Kirk, are trying to shift towards that movement, although many see it as inauthentic. Meanwhile, Nikki Haley and her friends like US House Rep Dan Crenshaw (R-TX) aren’t even trying to pretend they’re not globalists.

Remember this classic?

We must keep Trumpism and not fall back to Reagisnm which has left the American worker in the dust and while the rich got rich.

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