OPINION: President Trump Positioned To Win Florida With Ease Based on Some Metrics


Despite many polls published by left-wing institutions the President seems to be in a position to take Florida by at least 2 points. The Republicans seem to be catching up to the Democrats in early voting, even though Republicans are more likely to vote on election day than to vote early. 

Experts say Democrats will need at least a 700,000 vote lead before election day in order to have a chance because Republicans usually vote more so on election day than early, or by mail. However, with early voting, the Republicans have cut the Democrats lead all the way down to under 300,000 votes which are not even at the halfway mark they need. It seems day by day Republicans continue to cut their lead. 

Polling also shows that the Real Clear Politics average has President Trump leading by a slight margin of 0.4%. 

Two different polls show the President leading in the battleground state handley.

A Susquehanna poll came out having Trump leading biden handley by a margin of 4.0%. The poll has the President at 48% and Biden at 44%

A second poll from Rasmussen also shows the President up by 4% having Trump at 50% and Biden at just 46%