PA Legislators Tour AZ Election Audit Floor Fueling Speculation of Audit in Their State

According to a press release from Pennsylvania State Senator Doug Mastriano (R), a delegation of State Senators from Arizona requested his appearance along with two other State Senators from the state on the floor of the Maricopa County 2020 presidential election audit.

Mastriano applauded the audit and said, “Transparency is a must [in] our Republic. Every citizen should be confident that their vote counts.”

Trump supporter and social media influencer Michael Burkes heard about the visit and tweeted, “HUGE MOVE : Pennsylvania Legislators head to AZ to get a ON-THE-SCENE TOUR of Audit Floor! PA audit to follow?”

Burkes also mentioned MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell in the tweet and added,” Mike was CANCELED for demanding AUDITS. DESTROYING American Families / Jobs. SUPPORT Mike’s Business!”

According to the Maricopa Arizona Audit Twitter account, “The Pennsylvania Legislative Delegation is now touring the audit floor led by Cyber Ninjas CEO, Doug Logan.”

OAN’s Christina Bobb tweeted out a picture of their arrival and said, “PA delegation arrives on floor of AZ Audit.”

Arizona State Senator Wendy Rogers (R) tweeted out a picture of herself with Mastriano and said, “I am going on the audit floor with fellow AZ legislators and the Pennsylvania delegation now. @SonnyBorrelli@SenMastriano

However, Rogers then clarified, “Update: AZ delegation is NOT going on the floor. We are letting the PA delegation go without us so they can get more eyes on. AZ delegation is going to look at the tabulator machines. Very fluid will update as I can.”

In an article, the Associated Press described the visit with as much disdain as possible while continuing to dismiss and downplay the audit:

Three Pennsylvania lawmakers will be in Arizona Wednesday to check out the state Senate GOP’s partisan audit of the 2020 election,

“They’re the latest Republicans to make a pilgrimage to Phoenix, Ground Zero in the ‘stop the steal’ movement’s push to find support for the far-fetched conspiracy theories suggesting the election was stolen from former President Donald Trump.”

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