Peter Navarro Says That $1200 For Illegal Immigrants Lost Him on Passage of Pelosi Coronavirus Relief Bill

Appearing on ABC this morning, White House advisor Peter Navarro hit back hard against the $3T boondoggle that was passed in the House of Representatives Friday by Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats. He said that “Pelosi basically lost” him “with that package when she has $1200 checks for illegal immigrants.”

“Nancy Pelosi basically lost me with that package when she has $1200 checks for illegal immigrants,” Peter Navarro says when asked if Trump would sign another relief package. “We may need more,” he adds but White House is focused on “innovation” agenda.

Navarro hit back at Obama’s reemergence on the political scene by calling his previous administration a “kumbaya of incompetence in which we saw millions of manufacturing jobs go off to China.” In reference to his involvement in this year’s election, he referred to Obama as “Joe Biden’s press secretary.”

He praised President Trump by saying how he had built the “most beautiful economy in modern history” — unemployment rates were at 3.5 percent before the pandemic more than quadrupled that — though China “did take that down in about 30 days.”

Pelosi claimed on Face the Nation that testing, treatment, and isolation was the crux of the package. She said that “science” is the path to “overcoming the virus while asking the Senate to strongly consider its passage.

Testing. Treatment. Isolation. Science shows us that is the path to overcoming this virus. And it is that plan which is at the heart of the #HeroesAct. The Senate must take up this crucial legislation immediately. #FamiliesFirst@FaceTheNation