Police: Nashville School Shooting Suspect was Former Student, Columnist Reveals Likely Name

This morning in Nashville TN there was an “Active Shooter” incident. Police received a phone call about the shooter a shooter at Covenant School around 10:13 am CT. Two officers made their way into the building and proceeded to the second story where they encountered a female shooter. The shooter was shot and killed by officers at 10:27 am.

Police have not released the identity of the shooter, but they have shared that the shooter was a female who was 28 years old. They also shared that she lived in the area and previously attended the school.

Unfortunately, three students and three adult staff members were fatally shot, and there was no other fatal incident reported. One officer had a minor injury from glass.

The shooting took place at The Covenant School, a Christian private school for grades pre-K to sixth grade. The school has around 200 students enrolled with 50 staff members.

Currently, the identity of the shooter and or possible motive are not being released to the public. Police are set to hold another press briefing with more information sometime before 4 pm CT.

A columnist revealed the reported name however:

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