Police Officer Fired Over $25 Donation To Rittenhouse Demands Job Back, Raises Almost a Quarter Million Dollars in Donations

Former Norfolk Virginia Police Lt. William Kelly was fired for privately donating to Kyle Rittenhouse long before Kyle was found not guilty. The rage mob came for him before all the facts came out. His $25 donation was made public when GiveSendGo was hacked.

This was after GoFundMe shut down Rittenhouse from being able to fundraise. Kelly did not receive due process and was fired too quickly in his opinion as we previously reported. Now that Rittenhouse has been found not guilty of any crimes related to the Kenosha, WI shooting that left one injured and two dead, Officer Kelly wants his job back.

To top it off, he has received a lot of support. Thanks to Candace Owens, he has raised over $230,000 while he fights to get his job back. See our earlier story:

“20% raised already! Technically more since I publicly pledge 250$ from @JeremyDBoreing. Not sure if it’s entirely legal to pledge someone else’s money— but in Joe Biden’s America, you worry about legality after the mandate.” “On that note: I pledge 100$ from @michaeljknowles as well.”

“We crashed the Give Send Go site.”

“Today I started a fundraiser for Lt. Bill Kelly—17 year police veteran who was fired in April after the despicable @guardian revealed that he anonymously donated to Kyle Rittenhouse’s legal defense. Please share and support!”

We hope the best for Officer Kelly and think it’s important to note that without reporting by outlets such as Media Right News and others, he may have been totally forgotten about. We hope that now that Virginia has an incoming Republican Governor, fewer things like this will happen. We know governors can’t directly control what city police departments do, but they can help shape the narrative for sure.

Other things like this have happened in Virginia recently as well, such as former Portsmouth Police Chief Angela Greene losing her job for prosecuting a Democrat State Senator for her role in a riot that led to the demise of a historical monument and a severe injury.

Stay tuned for possible updates.

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