Rudy Giuliani to Appear at Arizona Legislature Election Integrity Hearing Monday

Breaking news was just reported from Jenna Ellis, who is a senior adviser for the Trump legal team. She just tweeted out some big news regarding the 2020 presidential election status in the state of Arizona.

She Tweeted, “Arizona State Legislature to hold a hearing on election integrity Monday, November 30. Mayor @RudyGiuliani and I will be present on behalf of President @realDonaldTrump.

The Arizona State legislature leans slightly Republican and the state has drawn some allegations concerning possible election fraud. Rudy Giuliani has been a big part of the Trump legal team and has almost daily made accusations or public appearances for the president. 

Biden only leads President Trump by just under 11,000 votes in Arizona and Trump slimmed the margin continuously after the election. If the Trump legal team can prove fraud in the state of Arizona it may become a closer race as only 11,000 votes separate the two candidates. 

As we previously reported the Pennsylvania state legislators held the same type of hearings earlier this week, and time will tell what comes of that, but Senator Doug Mastriano is making moves to put power into the hand of the state GOP. We reported in part:

Although President Trump’s administration has allowed for some initial protocols for the transition to Joe Biden to happen, Trump has not conceded the presidential election. Meanwhile, many fights continue, especially in the hotbed swing state of Pennsylvania.

Republican State Senator for Pennsylvania’s 33rd District, Doug Mastriano is a lone warrior of sorts. He was recently suspended on Twitter after speaking about perceived voter fraud at a hearing, but now Twitter says that account was suspended by accident.

This came after President Trump slammed Twitter for the suspension. Mastriano is apparently planning to be part of a draft that will take presidential elector powers into the hands of the GOP legislature according to a recent appearance on ‘War Room’. The Election Wizard tweeted:

“BREAKING: While on Steve Bannon’s War Room, @dougmastriano announces the PA legislature will draft a joint resolution to take back power from the Secretary of State in the appointment of presidential electors.”

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