Protest in Vancouver Advocates to End the ‘Lockdown’

A protest that was organized in Vancouver, Canada as a group of protestors pushed back against the restrictions that have been put in place there.

Protest to end the lockdown happening now in Vancouver #endthelockdown

Are you going to just acquiesce?? #EndTheLockdown

Do you support the Vancouver protest to #endthelockdown? Is the cure worse than the disease. That’s a Yes Yes for me how about you?

According to the BC Health Minister, Adrian Dix, “I want to put this into context. Today, we have 4,549 empty beds, 58.1 per cent capacity overall. We’ve made very significant steps to prepare for the worst and fight and work hard together for the best of circumstances.”

The rules aren’t that the province isn’t in total lockdown but they have created a situation where the city sits empty every day for now.

An article from The Sun calls the protesters “conspiracy theorists” and gives examples of how staying at home supposedly stops the spread of the virus.

A local Vancouver outlet says that, British Columbians are by and large following the province’s public health orders, and Provincial Health Officer Dr. Bonnie Henry doesn’t think there’s need for harsher measures, including a potential lockdown.

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