Protester Shot at Close Range With Rubber Bullet During Protest Outside Spa in Los Angeles

An LAPD officer shot a counter-protestor at close range with a rubber bullet during an anti-pedophilia protest.

“Woman was shot at point blank range this afternoon with a rubber bullet by police for no apparent reason. She was a counter-protestor at the anti-trans rally at WiSpa in LA.”

This comes after, “a video that showed a customer of the Wi Spa in Koreatown angrily confronting a staff member complaining that a disrobed transgender woman had entered into the women’s section,” the Daily News reported. Two opposing groups gathered outside a spa as a right-wing group protested transgender people being allowed to go to the gender section with which they identify as.

The anti-trans group held signs saying, “Save our children” and “Stop defending Pedos” outside the Spa. Then left-wing LGBT activists gathered to counter-protest outside the spa.

After this, the two groups began to clash and fight, so the police called this an “unlawful assembly” and ordered everyone to disperse. Since one left-wing counterprotester refused, she was shot with a rubber bullet causing her to fall to the ground. This has sparked outrage from some on the left as they claim the officer used excessive and unnecessary force on her.

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