Radical Leftist Author Stephen King Laments the Loss of Brian Stelter’s ’Reliable Sources’ CNN Show: ’The One Show I Never Missed’

Count radical leftist author Stephen King as one who relied on CNN’s “Reliable Sources” as he expressed his disappointment with the cancelation of Brian Stelter’s weekly show in a tweet.

King declared in the Thursday tweet, “The one show on CNN I never missed was Reliable Sources, with Brian Stelter.”

“It has been an invaluable window into how the media covers…itself. Today CNN canceled it,” King lamented.

A number of conservative commentators mocked King in a reply to his tweet including Tim Young, who told him, “So you were his singular viewer” along with three laughing face emojis.

Verified Twitter user “Jesus = Answer” suggested, “You should write a book about a writer who loses his mind and continually perpetuates his mental illness by watching CNN.”

In a dig using a play one of the author’s novel’s titles, he said, “You can call it: Stephen King’s Brain Cemetery.”

Digital strategist Greg Price explained, “Publicly admitting this is not going to get the reaction you think it will.”

Twitter user Jan Wilhelm added on to Price’s response, “High art. At this point it’s almost Shakespearean. The entire audience knows what is happening, yet the characters on stage remain unaware of their parts in a joke.”

Parody account “Catturd” replied with seven laughing face emojis and expressed, “This says everything about you we need to know” along with a clown emoji.