Randy Quaid: ‘Biden is a Satan Loving Evil Clown’

Yesterday, Attorney General, Merek Garland announced that the DOJ is suing the state of Texas for enacting a law that bans most abortions. Garland said, “The act is clearly unconstitutional under long-standing Supreme Court precedent.” The lawsuit claims the law was enacted “in open defiance of the Constitution.”

Actor Randy Quaid had some words about the lawsuit and Biden he, in turn, shared on Twitter.

“The DOJ suing the Great State of Texas because it has enacted a law protecting a person from being murdered is as ungodly as it gets. Biden is a satan loving evil clown along with every one else who thinks it’s okay to kill a helpless person. Is it too late to abort Hunter?”

Biden himself called the Texas law “Almost un-American”. Biden was denied communion at a South Carolina Catholic Church in 2019 over his stance on abortion. With the Supreme Court choosing to do nothing, Texas’s new abortion law was put into effect earlier this month.

With this lawsuit, it is very unclear what the Supreme Court will do. This law is different from many other Pro-life laws in that it would be enforced by civilians who sued those who helped and or aided in an abortion. In effect going after the head of the snake.

Quaid has been an outspoken critic of President Biden, he and many other American’s do not approve of Biden’s actions. His approval ratings have sunk even more with the disastrous pullout from Afghanistan that has left the world, especially China, questioning the resolve of the American military.

Americans, along with much of the world are questioning what happened in Afghanistan. Quaid asked earlier this month, “Is Biden really so stupid that he’d arm terrorists to kill our stranded fellow citizens?”

We will see what becomes of the lawsuit that the DOJ has filed. The Supreme Court is set to hear an abortion case this term that is said to challenge the ruling in Roe v. Wade. With the Court allowing the Texas abortion law to be enacted the left is seemly enraged and the prospect of the landmark case possibly being overturned.